Covid-19 Statement - September 26, 2020

Goldrush Campground has closed for the 2020 season, and project that we will reopen for the 2021 season in early May of next year, subject to prevailing conditions allowing travel to the Yukon.

We are optimistic that there will be a resolution to the COVID-19 virus in early 2021,  and we will be able to resume operations under near-normal conditions to welcome residents of the Yukon,  and national and international travellers from Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Decisions as to operating protocols will be based on the best information and regulations available to us from the Yukon Government , and more senior levels of government after reviewing medical conditions and curtailment of the virus, or, the manufacture and provision of an effective vaccine.

Please continue to check with our web site,  and all authorities having jurisdiction over regulations relating to travel in the Yukon.

We thank all of our 2020 guests who visited Dawson City and complied with health regulations helping to ensure a safe visit under limited conditions.

Please continue to stay safe, adhere to all medical recommendations, and our hope that you are able to visit Dawson City and Goldrush Campground during 2021.

Pat & Dianne Brooks

Telephone 1-867-993-5247 approx. mid  April to mid September

1-604-467-8858 approx. October 1 to mid April